Bruce – an adorable full bred Boston Terrier who was a year and a half old in this video – is a silly dog and he makes silly noises. He loves other animals and this is how he acts when he sees one, but can’t go play with it. It is evident in his expression that he is very saddened by the fact that he can’t fool around with a new buddy. His eyes are on the verge of tears and his whines are just heartwrenching. However, amidst it all, his reaction is quite hilarious for a completely different reason. Watch as he unintentionally shows off his best goat and dolphin impressions! Which one do you think he sounds more like?

According to his owner, this is completely normal behavior for Bruce who is known to show off for the camera from time to time. In other clips online, he has pulled off a “walk in reverse” using a tennis ball and also an adorable vacuum cleaner “attack”. You can’t help but smile while watching moments like that! They can’t be faked and they can’t be reprised. So, having a recording of it makes them all the more precious!

Would you consider yourself a dog or cat person? You can definitely give dogs a few points for a behaviour like this – it definitely makes your day! Let us know what you think in the comments down below.